My cachou hologram

One of the brightest hologram I ever obtained. Don't laugh.

Actually, I never really tried to find the best experimental conditions to obtain beautiful holograms,
and then stick to it. But I had a lot of fun trying three different lasers (small HeNe or 650 nm diodes),
different plates (BB-640, PFG01), developpers, trying to shift the color with TEA, various setups, etc...

Actually, just being able to produce an actual 3D hologram, even very dim, was fascinating and enough for my pleasure :)
Here are some pictures of obvious semi-failures, with the normal object I was trying to record.

After the Cachou Lajaunie, a little bottle of Pastis Ricard 51. Very french holograms.

And now some fun with a 14 mW 650 nm laser diode.