All Alex "Xela" Schomburg comics airbrush covers

Alex Schomburg was an illustrator born in Puerto Rico. He moved to the USA and did hundreds of covers starting from the 30's, for comics, pulps, paperbacks, science-fiction books. I don't really like his super-hero covers during World War II, some of them being racist and too patriotic for my taste. His later science-fiction illustrations are very nice. Curiously, during a very limited time (1947-1948 I think), the guy completely changed his style, and started painting with an airbrush a string of absolutely wonderful comics covers. Then he stopped and never did that again. He signed most of them under his pseudonym "Xela" (Alex in reverse). I love them, they are so kitsch and beautiful, and probably show the most beautiful women legs in the history of comics. Here is a gallery of probably all of these Xela covers. I don't own all of these comics (a single one of them in good condition can sell for several thousands dollars!), but I scoured the web for images, notably from auction sites like eBay and Heritage Comics.

A few links: a short biography of Schomburg, a gallery showing many of his different styles, other galleries here and here and here.

Thrilling Comics 60-71
Exciting Comics 57-66    
Wonder Comics 13-20        
Startling Comics 47-53          

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