Analyzing steganography softwares

(for the fun of learning about it)

In chronological order, we have:

Date Program Price Method Result Tool to
extract data
16-09-02 Camouflage Freeware Fuse Broken Yes
18-09-02 JpegX Freeware Fuse Broken Yes
21-09-02 InPlainView $10 LSB Detectable Yes
23-09-02 InThePicture $25 LSB Broken Yes
29-09-02 Invisible Secrets 2002 $35 LSB Detectable Yes
04-12-03 Safe&Quick Hide Files 2002 $20 Fuse Broken No need
06-12-03 ImageHide Freeware LSB Broken Yes
03-01-04 Steganography 1.50 and 1.60 $25 Fuse Broken No need
18-02-04 JSteg Open Source LSB Nothing to break Yes
24-02-04 Cloak and DataStealth Both $35 Fuse Broken No need
24-02-04 FortKnox $45 LSB Broken Yes
27-02-04 Data Stash $20 Fuse Broken No need

(to be continued...)

I coded a few tools (New) for simple visual and statistical attacks. Then you can read my few thoughts about steganography.

They are talking about this page here, here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here too!

And I just discovered (Sept. 04, so I guess it's New) two interesting sites. Okay, it's because they cited me that I discovered them. But anyway, they are really worth reading. One presents a dozen of tutorials about how to code steganography tools for various formats, with some original ideas, using C#. You can find them at the CodeProject website, or at the Binary Universe site if you don't like advertizing and slow pages. Another site is Spy-Hunter. The guy coded a tool that can detect the signature of five different stego tools, including two I didn't know. Nice work.